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2012 Sale Results

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HIgh Selling Group 2012 Texas Best Sale

2012 Sale Ring

High Seller Bit



Lot Price Horse Foaled Color Sex Sire Dam Dam's Sire Consignor Buyer
1 $1,300 Steppin On Cash 3/24/10 Sorrel Mare Streakin Hot Feature Sheza Neon Beauty Go Neon Lite Ernest Carlson Cole Farmer
2 $2,850 Peppy Jo Drifter 4/20/10 Bay Roan Mare Bronsins Drifter Sneakin Peppy Sneakin Freckles Flying W Ranch Donald Bland
3 $8000 RNA Frenchmanonfire 3/10/09 Palomino Stallion Redlight Greenlight Foxy French Flame Foxy Frenchman Laurie Gray
4 $4,000 CLF Specially Smashed 4/25/11 Chestnut Mare Real Cool Special Blanca Ella Perks Perkin Chief Champion Lane Farm Caroline Dodwell
5 $4,000 RP Magic Perks 4/16/10 Palomino Mare PC Sun Perks Lil Magic Winner Magic Dozen Terri Ford Dan Henderson
6 $5,200 Im Downright Dashing 4/5/11 Palomino Gelding As Good As Nick Gets Get Down Dandidash First Place Dash Kelsey Jones Janee Ornales
7 $13,500 CC Ontherocks 1/1/10 Palomino Gelding Firewaterontherocks Chi Cha Jet Jet Of Honor Running L Quarter Horses Jamie McMeans
8 $2,500 Chasin My Youth 2/17/11 Sorrel Mare Chasin Firewater Dream The Big Dance Streakin La Jolla Noah Powell Jordan Bassett
9 $2,500 Stolis Tex Playgirl 4/7/10 Dun Mare Stoli My Heart Docs Texas Playgirl JH Twister Terri Ford Rickey Armstrong
10 $3,500 Judging Diva 4/16/11 Gray Mare Judge Cash Mairs Silver Bertie Mairs Rusty Bar Karen Van Vleet Robbie Sharp
11 $4,900 Thrillofthechase 1/20/11 Sorrel Mare Chasin Firewater Yadazoom Shazoom Amanda McGuire Normand Barbeau
12 $8,500 Maverick Remedy 5/5/08 Palomino Gelding Ace Remedy Amandas Pep Star Aggressive Pep Jay L Morgan Donald Bland
13 $6,000 SO Foolin With Fame 4/1/11 Palomino Gelding Frenchmans Chico Eyes Famous Dash Ta Fame Barbara & Carl Ammerman Jody Honnsby
14 $10,500 Chasin Irish Whiskey 4/3/10 Palomino Stallion Chasin Firewater Hardytime Gal Royal Shake Em Tiffany Cox Camron Fambro
15 $4,100 SRMadDashTaFirewater 2/4/11 Palomino Gelding MJFirewaterjackfrost First Place Easily First Place Dash Schiller Ranch Karen Walinda
16 Out Everyone Loves Abbie 3/31/11 Palomino Mare Firewaterontherocks Docs Abbie Lee Docs Superstar Bar Donnalynn Williams
17 $2,450 Mr JB 1117 6/16/11 Bay Gelding Hot Corona Strawberry Jet Fuel Oklahoma Fuel Joe & Dee Lynn Braman Laura Schumann
18 $8000 RNA Country Quick Rocket 4/22/10 Solid Sorrel Mare Country Quick Dash Rocket Memories Leaving Memories Sharin Hall
19 $1,800 CLF Perkin Playboy 5/31/11 Sorrel Gelding Perkin Chief Razorback Rose Rosie O Llama Champion Lane Farm Lani Rust
20 $25,700 This Firewater Rocks 5/24/09 Buckskin Mare Firewaterontherocks Long Sixes Packin Sixes Molli Montgomery, Agent Pam Knight
21 $4,000 RTF Heart Throb 3/24/10 Bay Mare Stoli My Heart Tiffany Snow This Snow Is Royal Terri Ford Robert Schroedter
22 $2,550 Mr JB 1115 5/27/11 Sorrel Gelding Hot Corona Hi Bugs Lady Bugs Alive In 75 Joe & Dee Lynn Braman Katelyn Lide
23 $5,500 Crownshotsfrenchgirl 2/22/10 Sorrel Mare Crownroyal Frenchman I Like It Hot Ronas Ryon Jennifer Lee Godwin Gerald
24 $2,000 Reckless Fuel 1/1/11 Sorrel Gelding Dallas Fuel Passem Reckless Reckless Dash Jessica Compton Camron Fambro
25 $7,900 SR Clear The Alley 6/3/11 Palomino Gelding Frenchmans Guy Docs Sylvia Doc's Prescription Schiller Ranch Cyndy Gantt
26 $25,000 Firewater Hooch 1/1/10 Sorrel Stallion Fire Water Flit Shade Of Honor Agony And Ecstacy Running L Quarter Horses Larry Coats
27 $10,000 Miss Mega Royal 4/27/09 Palomino Mare Crownroyal Frenchman Sheza Mega Pie Pie In The Sky Molli Montgomery, Agent Jody Honnsby
28 $9,700 RNA Chasin Mayhem 1/1/11 Brown Gelding Chasin Firewater Desti Two Streakin La Jolla D&D Equine
29 $2,500 Mr JB 118 4/3/11 Sorrel Gelding Chasin Firewater Streakin Merridoc Merridoc Joe & Dee Lynn Braman Greg Lambert
30 $5,700 SRDrillBabyDrill 3/12/11 Sorrel Gelding Firem Jet Passionately Ronas Ryon Schiller Ranch Jolene Montgomery
31 $10,000 Sail On Firewater 4/26/11 Palomino Gelding Firewaterontherocks Backfire Bunny Mr Sonny Bunny Barbara & Carl Ammerman Jordan Briggs
32 $7,200 Six Flippin Streaker 5/3/09 Bay Mare Flipmia The Moonlit Streaker Stripped Gears Jolene Montgomery Sandra Richter
33 Out Fame Us Sienna 4/11/11 Bay Mare Firewater Ta Fame Bullet Of Fame Bully Bullion Billy & Shelly Martin
34 $8,000 Cold N Golden 4/1/09 Palomino Mare Bug In My Frosty Jet Meco Gold Digging For Gold Schiller Ranch Donald Bland
35 $3,400 Perk Up Bug 3/29/08 Brown Gelding Perks Master Miss Oakie Bug Bugs Boy Jennifer Lee Tammy Hobbs
36 $8400 RNA Mr JB Chasin Roses 4/13/10 Palomino Gelding Chasin Firewater Twelve Dozen Roses Magic Dozen Robin Kuhnhein
37 $4,900 Ima Stylish Nick Bar 4/16/11 Bay Mare As Good As Nick Gets Clever Curve Clever Deceit (TB) Kelsey Jones Jeff Cook
38 $3,100 Stolin 4/17/10 Bay Gelding Stoli My Heart Lone Star Queen Trapp Mountain Patsy Williams Gail Vanalstyne
39 $5700 RNA Perks Flit 4/24/10 Black Mare Dash For Perks Beggin For A Turn Flit Bar Beggar Kenneth or Barbara Burns
40 $7,000 Mirthful Dasher 2/8/08 Sorrel Mare Pritzi Dash Mirthful Raise A Secret Hayln Bauer Katelyn Lide
42 $3,000 Buck The Streak 4/28/10 Sorrel Gelding Streakin Hot Feature Miss Buckeye Chick Diamond Collector Ernest Carlson Mary Donna Smothers
44 $4,000 Gails Eternal Flame 5/1/02 Sorrel Mare Flaming Doc Sundance Ms Sweetem Deckem Easy Laurie Gray Karen Walinda